Moving Midway - A Documentary by Godfrey Cheshire


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Moving Midway

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Moving Midway
is a remarkable film...

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DVD OF THE WEEK: Moving Midway

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Movie maker changes family's history in story

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'Moving Midway' digs into the South's roots

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'Moving Midway' (4 stars!) moves an old plantation house, finds its historical foundation

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Moving Midway Capsule by Andrea Gronvall

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Moving Midway (4 Stars out of 6)

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'Moving Midway': Race Relations
A remarkable documentary about the new New South

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'Midway' cleans house with humor (4 1/2 stars out of 5)

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Moving Midway

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Movie Review: Moving Midway

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Film Critic Retraces His Slaveholding Roots in Thumbs-Up Documentary

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Moving Scenes in Story of This Old House

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Moving Midway

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Moving Midway

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Moving Midway Review
(Note: Midway review follows review of Burn After Reading in same article)

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In 'Moving Midway,' A House And Its Home Truths

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Review: 'Moving Midway'

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'Moving' unpacks the family baggage

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Indy critic Godfrey Cheshire's Moving Midway
Reassessing the history of a Southern family

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Moving Midway

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Film Review (.pdf)

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Packing Up the Plantation and Finding Distant, Unexpected Connections

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Short Takes, Moving Midway

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Made in America

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Moving Midway
(.pdf file)

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A White Southern Family's Alterna-History Meets Reality in Moving Midway
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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A Profoundly Poignant and Personal Documentary

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Moving Midway

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Big Ideas in Deceptively Small Packages by A.O. Scott

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Moving Midway